Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not Megan related

One more thing. My brother Danny and his wife Denise have some friends from Utah State who are moving to Missoula to go to graduate school. SO they tell them we live here and they'll get us in touch for info. on apartments, etc. Apparently at the gathering where this information was shared, my brother also says to Stephanie and her husband -- "I don't know how much you'll hang out with them because they're kind've old." To which Stephanie asks our age and when Danny replies that we're 28 and 30 Stephanie tells him that's how old she and her husband are. I don't know whether to be appalled that I am suddenly old or laugh at how delightfully he stuck his foot in his mouth! I love him, but Denise is now my favorite!

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Midge said...

I saw a flyer at the church that talked about events for young couples and the cut off age was 30 I thought, uh Ryan and I are still a young couple. Even when we were newlyweds we wouldn't have qualified. Whatever, we are still young, and so are you guys.