Friday, April 25, 2008

Talking up a Storm

Megan does not perform for the camera. I think she gets more interested in what is that black thing in front of mom's face! I've been trying and trying to get video of her talking because its so fun to finally have a conversation (so to speak). She really likes to talk to me when she's in the bathtub and she's pretty good about it when I'm on the phone with my mom. She doesn't talk a ton but its pretty cute.

We've been having issues with Megan's head -- she really favors her right side and so we've been working to get her to turn to her left more. Generally speaking, it works because we turn her head after we put her down for the night but last night we hit a snag. Megan has really discovered her thumb and she now wants to suck on it all night. I don't object generally speaking -- with both of our genes for her teeth and jaw she's doomed anyway -- but it's her right thumb so that means she wants to turn that way! I think she's going to be right-handed. I have a hard time depriving her of her thumb because I remember how much I loved mine when I was little!


Midge said...

Sad for Grandpa. That's really cute though. Yeah Ike sucks his thumb too. He use to do it alot more, now he mostly does it just when he's tired or hungry. Maybe because he has teath and he ends up getting a callus on his little thumb. It's still cute though. I sucked my thumb till I was 6, hopefully we'll break him of it before then.

mickelsenfamily said...

How cute is that? How I miss that age and it was only 6 months ago! I hate how fast these little ones grow up. Caleb talked like that all the time. I had the video camera attached to my hip just so I wouldn't miss anything Caleb said.