Monday, April 7, 2008

Diaper Diaries -- Day 1

Myth: The only decision to be made about diapers is cloth or disposable.
Fact: Whether you choose cloth or disposable, there are about 10 different choices within either category that make a difference.

Myth: Any kind of diaper will do.
Fact: To be uncovered!

So before Megan was born we were given about two months worth of diapers by friends, family, and the hospital so we hadn't bought any. And while the brands varied, the overwhelming brand we were given was Pampers. In fact, when they gave me ice packs at the hospital, it was actually a newborn swaddler from Pampers that they cut open and filled with ice. Those ice packs NEVER leaked and I would wear them for hours. When we ran out of Pampers in the newborn size we switched to diapers in a bigger size and Megan got really rashy. Its been a fight to keep diaper rash away. I don't use wipes and wash her bum every night. So now I'm back in Pampers but they are expensive so I am on a quest: to find a cheaper diaper that will work.

Today was day 1 and I am using Parent's Choice -- the Walmart brand. Never before have I had the infamous "blowout" but today it happened! Infant poop is bright mustard yellow and watery and it leaked out at her legs and stained her adorable elephant pants! The diaper isn't extremely absorbant and I'm irritated. The problem is the smallest pack is like 50 diapers so now I have 47 diapers that I either use and put up with or something. And I guess I should try another brand. Anyone have any suggestions? I might just pay the money for the peace of mind and cleaner clothes!


Alicia said...

I know it stinks to pay the money, but I used the Pampers Swaddlers until Emmett couldn't fit in size 2. Then we switched to Huggies, which I like a lot better than the Pampers Cruisers because they have no smell. You know how Pampers smell when they go? Well, Huggies lacks that smell and we like them. He didn't have any rash problems or too much leakage. I think blowouts happen in any brand, occasionally. Usually during growth spurts.

mickelsenfamily said...

Funny you should ask. We have had a diaper dilemma ourselves. We have had Caleb in Pampers since the day he was born. We occasionally put other brands on him just to try them out. In the end, it was always back to pampers. Just recently however, we too bought Parents Choice and surprisingly enough they work just fine. Although...we have to change him a bit more frequently and that's ok but, he has to sleep in pampers and night. There's no getting around that. We have saved some money by using parents choice and honestly, I think they are the best "Cheap" diapers you can get.