Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Gadgets

It is amazing to me that there is literally a product out there for everything you could imagine. How in the world did our parents raise us without all this stuff? Actually, I've tried to be careful about what I have bought into and what I haven't. For example, I have not purchased a changing table because the floor comes with our apartment and she can't wiggle off of it. But I gave in and bought something new: a Snugli. It's the backpack that you wear on your chest and she faces in until she can hold her head steady and then we can put her in to face out. More and more when she's fussy she likes to be held up or facing out to see what's going on. If I cradle her and she's not tired, she arches her back so she can hang her head back and look at the world upside-down. I love the inquisitiveness but my arms are getting tired. So I've only had her in the Snugli a few times and the jury's still out. So far:


1. She doesn't hate it.
2. It leaves my arms free for the most part so I can do more than I can when I just hold her because I have one arm carrying her and one arm supporting her head.
3. It puts her head in prime real estate for kissing (see example).

1. I feel like it pulls my back forward and I hunch (again, see example)

2. It's kind've hard to get her in and out of it, she doesn't slide very well, which is probably good for not falling out right?
3. When she throws up (as she did yesterday), there's nowhere for it to go except all over me. Normally I can at least jump out of the way but no, yesterday I heard it coming and all I could do was take it.


Midge said...

I got a baby bjorn and hardly used it at all. But it did come in handy when Ryan and I flew to Vegas with Ike. Except that Ryan got sick of people making funny faces and talking to his chest while he tried to avoid eye contact. Enjoy it while she still fits in there.

Alicia said...

Gross! Yew, throw up! Emmett didn't really like our front baby carrier. I didn't end up using it much because of that. But, it is one of those things that they get used to if you use it. I let my friend borrow ours and she wears it for walks while pushing her toddler in the stroller. So maybe we'll use it more when we have two.