Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Even when she's crying . . .

Megan is cute. Ok I'm going to apologize AGAIN that everything I post is gushing over my daughter but how could you not?

There are a few things that make the girl really cranky and crying: getting out of the bathtub and going to sleep. But even when we've been rocking for 1/2 and hour and she's not calming down, she still makes us laugh (which I think then makes her mad). If she gets really upset, she snorts. If she calms down, she whines -- makes these little protest cries even though she's practically asleep. I think the whining will get really old as she grows but snorting never stops being funny!

We had a beautiful warm Sunday so Megan and I got to wear short sleeves to church! Of course then they turned on the air conditioning. What is wrong with room temperature?

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