Friday, March 2, 2012

Things That Don't Work Right

#1 --  Getting into My Little Pony Cars
You would think that this would be obvious but apparently not.  And I took the picture right before she threw a fit about not being able to fit in the car so I know that she was serious.  Notice that it is only now, at nearly 2 years old, that Abby is finding herself too big to fit in things.  

#2 -- Willow trees in Texas.
Yes, that's the rest of it.  Last summer (hottest on record in something like 75 years), 75% of the leaves died and fell off of the willow tree.  One little section held stubbornly on until December and we were hoping that with the amount of rain we finally got in January and a mild winter (or lack of winter really) that the whole thing would come back.  Not so.  That one little section has budded out and the rest has definitely not.  Notice that the tree behind the fence is almost fully budded out.  Chopper researched it out and found that willow trees are water guzzlers and require quite a bit of maintenance so we made the decision to chop it down.  Literally.  Chopper took a hatchet to it today -- I'm not sure what he's going to do with the stump.  We plan on replacing it with a tree that will be better for the hot weather and lack of rain but it makes me sad to see a good-sized tree go away and I know that it will be years before anything that we plant gets to a decent size as well.  And I so love trees.  Sigh.

#3 -- The SNOOGLE!!!

Right before Christmas I told Chopper I wanted a body pillow for this pregnancy.  True to his nature, he researches it out and then buys me the Snoogle -- a massive body pillow that curves on both ends as you see above.  I slept with it a few times and was getting headaches (which I attributed to pregnancy hormones because I get them between trimesters anyway) and then Megan confiscated it as her nest.  Now I'm starting to get big enough that I need some more support in bed so 2 nights ago I took it back.  Yesterday morning I woke up SORE!  My neck and shoulder were awful but in a crampy, knotty, I need a good massage kind of way.  Live-able.  Last night I did not sleep with it and felt better this morning.  Until I brushed Megan's hair of all things.  Then my whole left side seized up and I literally ended up prone on the floor crying and had to call Chopper to come home.  Thank goodness for sick leave.  So we dropped the kids off (thank goodness for friends!) and went to urgent care.  Surprise surprise the only real thing they can do is give me pain killers -- which aren't really working.  But I don't want to take more --I'm always wary about drugs during pregnancy. Anyway, it's not a big deal but I'm so glad Chopper was able to come and very glad for the weekend where hopefully I can recuperate while he takes care of the girls.  

But I totally blame the Snoogle and it has been completely banished -- possibly  never to return.  Maybe someone else will want it.  But this is just ridiculous!


Alicia said...

I use two small square pillows when I am pregnant. One goes between my knees and the other goes under the belly to help reduce the pulling of the skin on the top side. The other thing that has helped immensely is switching sides of the bed. This allows me to roll into the middle on my left side instead of rolling to the middle on my right. I don't know why it works but it does. We switch back after delivery.

Dan and Denise said...

The snoogle sent you to the hospital! That is CLASSIC!