Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Plagued . . .

Ugh.  It's been an awful week and a half.  Ok maybe only a week, but it feels like longer.  Chopper and I have both been plagued by some kind of cold from a very evil place.

Last night I had very little sleep because I had several severe bouts of coughing.  Like half hour, 45 minute stretches of coughing.  And unfortunately, thanks to Lloyd Voldemort in there, that means I pee a lot too.  Sorry for the info.  It's just really annoying.  

So what do the girls do during all of this?  They watch TV.  I am a terrible horrible mother who needs to engage with her children more I think.  It's just hard right now.  It is better when I'm not sick though so maybe I need to cut myself some slack.  It's the germ bugs talking right?  The nasty, evil germ bugs.

But I have felt lately like maybe we need more to do.  Not in the sense of keeping busy because there is plenty there but more that we need to do and less free time.  Like raising chickens, or planting a garden, or art projects or something.  Of course we're not allowed to have chickens, I don't have the slightest green thumb or desire to have a green thumb, and my artistic skills are severely lacking.  Maybe I should do more preschool activities.  That's something I could probably be decent at that would give structure to our day.  Admittedly though, I like not having deadlines and schedules and stuff.  I am a horribly lazy person.

That is not the germ bugs talking either.

I need to think about this though because really -- children should work.  And maybe that would help around here.  Anyone have suggestions on how you get your children working when there's nothing to take care of (garden, pets, etc.) and I am NOT getting a pet.  No way.

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Trulee said...

Sammy has regular chores and money chores. We have started teaching her about finances and she is doing really well.

Her regular chores include emptying garbage cans(on garbage day), picking up toys (every day), when I clean the bathrooms she gets to choose one item and clean it (tub, sink, mirror, toilet etc.), also she must take out the bathroom rugs and shake them out, and she dusts with me. Everything takes longer, and there is some complaining, but she's getting better.

Money jobs include dusting the blinds (no, they don't get cleaner), and cleaning floor boards. She gets paid amounts that can be divided by three (savings, tithing, and spending)since there is no way she can understand percentages yet.

That's what we do for know, I'm sure it will change as time goes on.