Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Abby!

Ok so it's not quite official yet -- Wednesday is her actual birthday -- but we celebrated Abby turning 2 today!!

There are a few reasons for that -- most of them having to do with the fact that scouts is on Wednesdays and the last thing I want to spend my single-mom night doing is putting sugar-high kids to bed!!  Besides, Abby doesn't really know anyway.
Ahh, the fuzzy headed birthday girl with a breakfast of pancakes and strawberries.  A nice way to start the day!

Since I pretty much ate an entire peach cobbler this week and am looking remarkably plump around my pregnant middle, I decided rather than making cupcakes (and having 24 of them around for my consumption), I would buy this stinking cute cupcake arrangement that I saw at Target a few weeks back. 

 How adorable is that?  And it wasn't ready when it was supposed to be so I got it for 60% off (gotta love that) and the pot and sticks and butterflies are all reusable plastic so I'm very excited for future birthdays.  I had told the girls when I left I was going to pick up birthday cake and when I walked back through that door about 11 a.m. they both came running and screaming "birthday cake!"  It was so nice to be loved!! :)

 After lunch Abby had some play time with daddy while Megan had a tantrum in her room.  Then we were finally able to get to presents!!

 I am not kidding when I say that even last Christmas Megan needed help opening presents.  Abby on the other hand, tore through those things like there was no tomorrow and then asked for more.  Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have wrapped like objects together . . . 

 Nope -- no toys.  The girls have so many and Abby isn't quite to the point where she has specific toys that she adores.  Instead she got lots of books (Jane Yolen dinosaur books and Karma Wilson bear books which I love and yes, she loves them too -- oh and an Elmo lift the flap from Grandma), cute sandals from Grandma (and Grandpa -- I don't mean to leave you out!!), movies (Backyardigans and Olivia), and 2 "ballerina" skirts which is code for nice and poofy.  When she wears them, there will be pictures!!
And yes, Megan has already confiscated everything and declared them "mine and Abby's presents" and asked me when she gets her skirts (because Abby's don't fit her -- Easter maybe?).

 Then it was on to cake -- hooray!!!

 Notice two things here -- one, the fascination on her face as Chopper lights the candles, and two, the distance between her and those lit candles.  She kind've likes fire.

 And she COMPLETELY knew what she was supposed to do!  Couldn't quite accomplish it but I tell you what, she really was trying to blow those candles out.  And I love this look on her face!
 Even from above she couldn't quite get it and Chopper had to help.  Oh well, because the real fun is next . . . 

 Oh yeah!  Like all store-bought cupcakes, there was a ton of frosting on top and they were overly sweet for my taste but hey, they're all gone!!!  That's a bonus!!  And they were tasty.

 Fun for us, after 2 cupcakes both girls were covered in green frosting and cake crumbs.  But they both really enjoyed themselves.

It really was a great birthday for a 2-year old!!  We all really enjoyed ourselves actually.

I took several videos -- I kept trying to get Abby to say the things that she says ALL THE TIME because it's really cute to hear her little voice but as you'll see, she didn't stick around too much to tell me.  But, her favorite phrases include: that's so cute, look a cute baby!, that's mine, wha'jo do (what did you do? -- she asks me this ALL the time), it's my turn, watch a movie?, read books, I'm a ballerina (when wearing a poofy skirt), c'mon Megan.  I'm trying to think of what else -- she talks all the time and some of it is legible, some of it is momable (because even Chopper doesn't understand her) and some of it is gibberish.  But she has a really sweet voice.  She also loves to sing -- twinkle, twinkle little star, ABC's, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, popcorn popping.  A friend of mine watched the girls the other day when Chopper took me to urgent care and she distracted Abby with the piano.  She said Abby sat down and started "playing" and then all of a sudden was singing along!  I would have loved to see that!  Oh well, I get her cuteness 24/7 really right?  And she is a sweet 2 year old so far.  She has her moments of course but generally is easy-going and cuddly.  And likes to throw fake tantrums which are really hilarious and don't get her anywhere!!

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