Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh the dilemmas

Knowing me, I will obsess about these two things until they are resolved.  Yes, mother I am going to look into the breathing thing and the yoga thing and the chiropractor thing.  That might help.

But in the meantime . . . 

21 weeks and an ultrasound today.  It wasn't as detailed as others have been but I trust my doctor and she says everything looks good.  This little boy (so definitely a boy now -- 110%) is only 15 ounces (which is a good size at this point apparently) but kicks the heck out of my lower abdomen right now.  Which is NOT creating washboard abs by the way.  Apparently his exercise doesn't count . . . 
Anyway, the placenta is riding low and if I were to deliver today, it would be a C-section.  Mostly likely, as I grow (and I know I will even though I told someone I was only halfway and they looked very surprised by that) it should move upwards.  If not, well we cross that bridge when we get there right?  Except C-sections are pretty close to my biggest delivery nightmare EVER.  I'm afraid of the epidural and they want to do a C-section?  I better be out cold.  For days.  Oh I shudder just thinking about it.  

And sorry, no pictures.  I have some that I was going to scan in and the parts are clear (face, feet, stuff), but they're not very high contrast so they're hard to see.  I think something's wrong with their printer.

So I'll try not to.  Instead, I'll think about the multiple projects I've given myself to accomplish in the next few months.  Not sure how I'm going to accomplish everything with the calling and the kids and the . . . oh yeah the husband and the house -- what it needs to be clean?  But I did get Abby's quilt top done and am wondering -- do I spend the money and send it out to be quilted or save the money and do it myself -- cursing the whole way.  Because I really need a longarm.  But that's a little out of my price range right now.  Stress or money?

Yes, mom, again I will read the article on the breathing!!  When I have time . . . come visit me and you can help me learn it!

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Amanda said...

Haha. Sounds like me and my mom right now. "No, mom. I promise. No more walking!" Little man has decided to sit directly on my pelvic bone and gives me cervical contractions (and later hard all over contractions) when I walk too much.

My mom has made me promise to start swimming. Might help you too?

I'd say if you have the money, send the quilt out. They say the most important thing we can do during pregnancy is not stress, right?

I wouldn't worry about the c-section yet. 1) You still have plenty of time. You are only 1/2 way there. 2) If it does come to it, it is no big deal. I'm trying to VBAC, but really, the c-section wasn't so bad. They put morphine in with my epidural, and I giggled through most of it. Plus, either way, you get a baby at the end!