Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Diet Change . . . Maybe

So I'm looking into the possibility of going gluten-free.  I should also be considering going sugar free but that feels next to impossible.  Not that I have any perceived sensitivities to gluten, but just some general health concerns -- my thyroid and infertility (I know I know, I'm actually pregnant but there are issues there).  But I'm nervous about changing our eating lifestyle like that because I anticipate a few things:
1.  husband resistance (we BOTH love our bread)
2.  children resistance -- although they resist about anything I put on the table so I guess this wouldn't really be a change
3.  difficulty of dinner time prep

That last one I think is the worst.  I HATE dinner time prep.  In fact, I kind've detest the whole end of the day.  I'm tired, the girls are hungry and maybe tired and I need to spend time in the kitchen fixing food that everyone but myself and Chopper is going to turn their noses up at.  Not to mention that today was an absolutely horrible day in the parenthood arena and how easy was it to pull frozen broccoli and ravioli out of the freezer and have a decently healthy meal on the table in like 15 minutes with minimal energy on my part!

So I don't know if I can do it.

I'm put Elizabeth Hasselbeck's new gluten-free recipe book on hold at the library and I'm anxious to take a look.  And my sweet mother keeps sending me stuff about gluten free and stress management and I'm too tired to look at it.  And I have a Relief Society presidency meeting tomorrow night and a talk on Sunday and just lots of things I need to do.  And I'm seeing the wisdom in the prophets and apostles telling us to simplify our lives and I kind've wish maybe I could have been a pioneer woman.  But I know that they were also incredibly overwhelmed with their responsibilities and no air-conditioning or bug spray to boot so I don't really want that.

So after my battle with Megan to go to bed I think I'll eat one last ice cream sandwich and watch something completely pointless on tv and then go to bed early.  Because tomorrow is another day and I think I'm done with this one.

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aidanjordan said...

I LOVE to cook but find myself feeling that way about dinner a lot too. Shelby and Joey are decent eaters, but I'm usually SOOO tired by the time Jeremy gets home that I start to dread cooking. But then I actually end up enjoying my "quiet time" (cooking) while Jeremy watches the girls. Sometimes I make a fancier dinner just to get a little more time. Hee-hee! Let me know how you like that cookbook!