Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another step, hopefully, in the right direction

Chopper and I went to see a psychologist today about Megan.  We were there for nearly 2 hours talking about her behaviors and her background.  On the one hand, it felt really good to talk to someone and just lay it all out on the table.  On the other hand, no answers yet.  The doctor did say she really felt that it's not autism (which I agree with) and that it could possibly ranger from Asperger's to gifted.  Obviously we need to have Megan's evaluation and some other testing and paperwork completed so that she can get a better picture of Megan than what one conversation with the parents can give her.  In the meantime I feel like the best I can do is cope and escape.  And I hate feeling that way.  But I'm so frustrated with things not working right.  I guess, what did I expect as a parent you know?  It's not supposed to be easy but right now it feels impossible.

I have 3 1/2 months until this baby gets here and I'm starting to be scared.  Transitioning to 3 children will be hard enough as it is without all this crap (sometimes literally) happening.  I need a vacation.  I need a full week where I can study and read and figure some of this stuff out and come back armed for battle.  I feel like that level on Warcraft where it gives you 10 guys and a catapult and you have to defeat an entire enemy village and there's a way to do it but you get beat about 15 times before you figure out the strategy.  Except that I never had much patience for that and I'd either use a cheat code or go online and find the answer.  Huh, maybe that's why things are so difficult now . . . I never learned my lessons from Warcraft!!!  :)

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