Saturday, March 31, 2012

Night One is Done!!

Well we got through the first night of sharing a room with very little sleep but also very little screaming so it should probably be counted as a victory.

We put the girls down early knowing that they would probably play and talk (which they did) and hoping that going down early would help them get to sleep at a decent hour.  They spent about an hour talking and playing, putting on slippers, reading books (which reminds me I need to take those out), and asking for milk.  Then Chopper and I left to go to a movie!!  We haven't had a date in so long and April is already packed with scout stuff so we took our chance and ran!  The babysitter said that they were up for about another 45 minutes after we left but gradually just quieted down.  And when Chop and I checked on them at 11:30 when we got back, they were each sleeping in their own bed, covered up and snug.  Very sweet.

And then 1 a.m. rolled around.  Mind you, the movie we went to see was The Hunger Games and while it was very good, I could NOT get my mind to settle so I was STILL AWAKE at 1 a.m. and here comes the patter of little fit and a sweet little voice at my bedside says "hey mom!  I need milk!"  That would be Abby.  When Megan comes in at night she's either crying or needing to go potty.  But Abby was ready for the day and taking advantage of being able to get out of bed.  So I got her a drink and put her back to bed and about 1:10 a.m. I hear the patter of little feet and "hey mom!".  So again we go and this time I turn off the flashlight and pull the door to, but not quite shut.  The third time it happened, I shut the door and she cried for 45 minutes.  Miraculously, Megan DID NOT wake up!  She does sleep like the dead -- thank you!

Megan never had this issue -- when we switched her to a bed she physically couldn't get in and out by herself!!

But this morning they were both up at 7:30, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Abby is currently taking a nap in her bed and I have no heard a peep.  I think she's pretty tired.

We also went to a an Easter egg hunt this morning before General Conference.  Actually they were just spread out on the field but the girls enjoyed it.  They had an Easter bunny there of course who looked EXACTLY like the Easter bunny in Steel Magnolia.   It completely freaked Megan out and she would not go anywhere near him and hid behind me most of the time.  Abby on the other hand kept seeking him out and then went right up to him, told him "I have eggs!" and smiled for a picture.  

They are so different!  It's actually so fun to see it too!
 A field of eggs.  If you lay them, they will come . . . 

 Concept very easily grasped.  Megan insisted on the smaller basket -- you know how she likes small things.  And eventually decided that she had enough eggs.  Fine with me!  There's were kids with piles and piles though.

Look at this!!  How funny is that?  Especially when I compare it to the ONE picture I have managed to take of Megan with Santa Claus and she is screaming her head off.  This just really makes me laugh.

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mickelsenfamily said...

I keep meaning to tell you how much I appreciate you comment on our blog. It's fun to be in the country and to have the animals. We love the open space. You are in Texas now! How are you liking it? I love reading about your family. Thanks for keeping us posted on your happenings!