Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Weeds Aren't the Only Thing Growing (Finally)!!

Happy Birthday to Abby with a well-child check!  And believe it or not, there has been a growth spurt!  We have now entered the realm of double digits which means that she is still really tiny but  at least she's growing!

Weight -- 23.8 pounds (14%)
Height -- 32.5 inches (17%)
Head -- 46.5 centimeters (24%)

Also, her 4 teeth kind've on the sides that have been missing for ages are finally coming in.  That partially explains why she wants ice all the time.  Her iron is a little low too and she loves to chew anyway but it's about time on those teeth!  We caught up on one immunization we were lacking and she hated it but is happy now about her Bugs Bunny bandaid.  Big difference from Megan who dragged herself around by her hands the last time she got shots.  (I haven't told her she has an appointment for a few shots next week too).

Megan's closet and dresser have been cleaned out to make some room for Abby's things so we can go ahead and move her this weekend.  I still haven't gotten her quilt back but it shouldn't be too long now and then I can take pictures of the finished room.  It's too cute!!  Then it's working on boy stuff!!  I'm actually really excited for that.  Boys may have boring wardrobes but there are cute ideas out there for decor!!

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Dan and Denise said...

Boring wardrobes! Oh Kristy, you are about to open the floodgates to grandpa sweaters, scally caps, suspenders, polo shirts and lederhosen...hardly boring. Just remember...your goal is to make him look like Uncle Danny.