Monday, March 19, 2012

We're So Glad When Grandpa Comes!!

My dad's company has a plant just south of Dallas and so he comes down a few times a year to check on it or do something -- I don't really know.  Anyway, he was able to fly in yesterday and be here last night and the girls were so excited to have Grandpa here!  In fact, we didn't even pull out the treats until almost bedtime (thanks Grandma!)!  Megan was showing off with all of her acrobatics and Abby was running and chasing.  He played with them, gave them piggy-back rides, and tickled.  But the best thing I think was the fairy dust.  Megan got all dressed up in her Tinker Bell outfit and sprinkled fairy dust on Grandpa so he could fly.  And he did!  Complete with sound effects too.  Then they all three would fly through the house (they'd get to the dining room and Abby's yelling "stop Grandpa!  It's dark in here!") and then they'd fly back and he would run out of dust and then start all over again.

Sadly, he left this morning before the girls got up but they enjoyed jumping on his bed and they know he'll come back.  I think that they think that Grandpa just goes to work and only comes home every 3 months!

Oh and this was cute -- last night Megan was in bed and I went in her room to get some twin sheets.  And we had a good conversation about Grandpa:
Me: Megan can Grandpa sleep on your stripey sheets?
Megan: Yes, I already slept on them. (side note -- they were clean)  Is Grandpa going to sleep in my room?
Me:  No, he's going to sleep in the office.
Megan:  But it's an office!
Me: I know but he has to get up early and he doesn't want to wake you up.
Megan: But I wanted Grandpa to sleep in my room!  (Big pouty face)

I know Grandpa looks tired -- but look at that joy on Abby's face!!!  

I don't know how much sound you'll get out of this, but it sure is cute!
(My video is NOT posting so if you want to see it, go to YouTube I guess and try this:

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