Friday, February 24, 2012

Little Projects

I probably should be posting more when these things happen rather than catching up all at once but I've been busy with little projects that don't really need doing so I haven't had time!  Haha.  I SHOULD be working on a list of things that need to get done . . . Oh well.

Last weekend Chopper had the monthly boy scout camp out and they did a hike.  It rained on them and was pretty miserable so I think that means that they actually camped this time!  But in anticipation of the rain, Chopper got out his Goretex and boots and all of his military stuff for bad weather.  This was a particular joy for Abby who had some new shoes to tromp around in for a while.
The shoe thing has really become a problem lately because I can never find them when I need them . . . 

One of the projects I've done that was completely unnecessary was a wreath for the door.  I've seen these yarn-wrapped wreaths all over the internet and love them.  Plus, if you just pin in the flowers, you can easily change them out for the seasons or holidays and it doesn't cost hardly anything.  Thank you pinterest for the tutorials! 
 So I wrapped a straw wreath with twine because that's what we had in the house.  I thought it turned out really cute and then Chopper and I started smelling this odd burned rubber smell in the house.  We could NOT figure out where it was coming from and were worried about wiring and electronics bursting in to flame when we managed to discover that it was this wreath!  I don't know why but something about plastic wrapped straw and twine stinks really bad.  So the wreath is in the garage and the flowers are awaiting a new home -- maybe on yarn-wrapped Styrofoam!

We have had some really amazing days this week -- in fact, amazing enough that I actually had the urge to pick weeds!  Yes, that amazing.  So we went into the front yard and I pulled up all the weeds from under our hedges and Abby discovered that there's a nice little depression under there that is perfect for rabbits or little girls who are smaller than they should be.

Of course once Megan realized what was going on, she wanted in on the action but she just barely fit.
I tried to get a picture of them both together but Abby refused to look at me.  She kept saying "cheese" though.

Last but not least, the warm weather has been freaking me out about being pregnant until late July.  Megan and Abby were winter/early spring babies so my maternity wardrobe is all cold-weather clothing.  But I hate to spend a lot of money because maternity clothes are expensive!  Plus, they all seem to be sleeveless and want to show off the cleavage for the summer so it's just a nightmare to shop.  I've been really wanting a maxi dress and Old Navy had a great one that I tried on that was SOOOOOO comfortable -- but a little low.  So I gave up in frustration and used an online tutorial to take a t-shirt and some knit yardage and make this: 

It's not bad really but it works and it is really stinking comfortable.  Besides, it's not like I look like a fashion plate when I leave the house anyway -- I only really dress up for church.  I am just getting more and more lazy the older I get and the more children I have.  Maybe when I'm forty and done with having kids I'll invest in cute clothes.  Maybe.


aidanjordan said...

Such a cute dress! You are so talented!

Dan and Denise said...

You look amazing kristy! And I can't believe you made that...stop being so wonderful, it's killing me!