Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Because you love my children as much as I do!

Or at least I think you do.  Happy Valentine's Day!  For my less-than-motivated day, I uploaded some very random videos that needed posting.  Ok, maybe not NEEDED.  They're really nothing special.  But you get to see the girls in action and that is something to love today!!

This first one is Chopper chasing the girls -- however, note that Abby's ability to run is severely hampered by her shoes.  Which are not her shoes.  Because she wears anyone's shoes she can get her hands on but her own.  I suppose she feels pretty!

Abby also has taken to saying that things are so cute.  "Mommy, baby.  It's so cute.  Mommy, a teeny tiny sugar ball.  It's so cute.  But I had to prompt her to say it for the camera of course.
Side note, not only is she obsessed with shoes, she is obsessed with babies.  And half of them are her size!  My friend who runs the junior nursery at church told me today that Abby's the only girl in there are all the boys are bigger than she is but none of them talk while Abby does full sentences!  She does talk a lot.

Megan of course wanted to get in on the action.  So I asked her for some dance moves -- this is what we get!

She looks like she should be on the red carpet!  

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