Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Quilt for Project Linus

I know, I know, it's about time.  Or at least you'll think that after I tell you the whole story.  Which I am going to do by the way.

I've been following the blog of fabric designer Pat Bravo and her Art Gallery fabrics for some time actually.  And I drool a lot.  But even though I have several wonderful quilting shops within about a half hour of me, they don't carry about 90% of her fabrics.  And in all honesty, I hate buying online for the first time because you're never quite sure of the color and the scaling of the pattern.  Sigh.

So when she offered to send bags of scraps to whoever wanted them to use in a quilt for Project Linus, I sent an email right away!  Yes please!!!

And right after I got back from the Quilt Festival in Houston, guess what came in the mail?  Glory hallelujah!

First things first of course: sorting, ironing, some arranging.  Look at these beautiful things!

And then I encounter a problem.  Well, several really.  
Problem #1:  I don't work this way.  I tend to find the pattern and then go for fabric.  Looking at fabric and determining pattern?  Well, my brain doesn't work that way.  I also tend to work with monochromatic colors and prints and small scale prints.  There were so many geometrics, large florals, multi-colored prints that I kind've felt lost.
Problem #2: I find out I'm pregnant.  Now that's not a problem in that we're very excited but I tell you what.  The day after I find out I'm pregnant (almost literally), I get a cold.  And the day after I get over that cold, I get morning sickness and exhaustion big time.  So quilting ANYTHING kind've gets pushed to the back burner -- especially with the holidays coming.
Problem #3: The holidays are coming.  My parents will be here for Thanksgiving and MY ENTIRE FAMILY will be here for Christmas.  I have a lot to do!!!

So the fabric sits until Christmas and then my sister-in-law, Denise, saves the day.  Literally.  Because you see, she is a professional artist.  And she's fabulous.  And her brain works in ways that mine doesn't.  So when she's here for Christmas we spread all the fabric out and start discussing.  And not only is she getting colors together, she's mindful of my "condition" (don't know why they call it that but what else do you call it?) and suggests that I do a quilt like the one I made for her son Liam when he was born.  That quilt is Elizabeth Hartman's Charm Squares baby quilt and it is super easy and stinking cute.  And it's about showcasing the fabric, not the pattern, which was perfect.  

I did tweak the idea and created color strips in both 6 1/2 inches and 4 1/2 inches with the white sashing between.  And I didn't measure the width of each piece -- I just cut them in sizes that I liked for the fabric and started going to town on my design wall.
 My daughter got into it too.  She LOVES playing with my fabric and she really enjoyed "quilting" with me.

Anyway, voila!!  I shall call it, In A Pinch.  So yes, it took me approximately 3 months to finish a lap size quilt done with strips.

But I love it.  And I want to keep it.  But I won't because that's not right. 
 But doesn't it look great draped on a chair next to my bookcase???
I am not showing you the back because it's just pink Kona cotton but also because I quilted it on my home machine and there are some wrinkles.  I hope they don't look at it and think it's terrible but I really need a long-arm quilter.  Really.  Too bad Christmas and my birthday have already gone by!!

Sigh.  So worth it though.  And yes, now that I have seen these fabrics in person, I have purchased others by her online.  They are beautiful!!!!


Alicia said...

Amazing. I will send the link to my mother for her to see. What exactly is Project Linus?

Amanda said...

I love it, Kristy! Well done!