Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dancing Queen

It's not perfect, but dance classes are going so much better than they started.  Last week Megan had a meltdown about putting on her tap shoes and cried through the whole thing, but this week she was excited and really did everything.  They even threw in a little tumbling today!  Lately she wants me to video her all the time and then watch them so I told her today that I would take some video of her dancing in class.  The first one is at home but the last 3 are class.  Sorry they're dark -- I can only video through the mirrored window.

I have seen so much improvement in her dancing as well.  She's gone from standing and watching to actually doing.  Her teacher told me today she's doing it like she's done it her whole life so that is fantastic.  Now on to find her a preschool for next year!

On a sad note, I think my mom is putting the dog, Arthur, down today.  They've had him for nearly 12 years and there's been a lot of joking about when he'd actually kick the bucket but now that the time is here, it's really very sad!  Unfortunately, he's developed diabetes and apparently taking care of a dog with diabetes can be expensive (they have to be on insulin) and time consuming so my parents made the decision to let him go.  Overall I think it's the best decision but I wish I could be in Michigan to distract mom from not having him around for a while.  He could be a real pain and he was NOT good with children so he was having to go to a kennel when we came to visit but he was a loving dog (to all except my dad!) and funny.  I'll miss his bullet run and his 3-legged walk (he did have 4 legs though -- that's why it was funny).

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