Friday, February 17, 2012

Bad Dreams and Other Horror Stories.

Abby woke up crying at 5 a.m.  That's really unusual.  When I went in and picked her up and asked her what was wrong she very distinctly said "a eagle mommy.  A eagle, it hurts."  Poor thing must've had a nightmare.

And then today she said something funny and I can't for the life of me remember what it was!  I need to write these things down when they happen although I tell you what, part of the charm is in the sound of their little voices or in Megan's case, the hand gestures.  I love their personalities.

Megan refused to let Chopper listen to country music or Mark Levin last night while he did the dishes.  She insisted on "dance music".  Which is classical by the way -- not club dance music!

Oh and I had to share this -- Abby is a defiant little bugger.  If you tell her no, she goes further.  Yesterday at Megan's dance class I picked her up so she could watch through the window and she started sucking on the ledge (she always has something in her mouth or is putting things in her mouth.  I am NOT kidding).  I told her "no" and "yucky" and when she did it again I told her she would have to get down if she continued.  So she persisted.  And when I put her down, she promptly opened her mouth and began licking the wall.  Not a lollipop lick, a drag your tongue along that disgusting surface lick.  And then she walked the entire length of that wall with her tongue out and looked at me the entire time.

And I wonder why she gets sick all the time.

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