Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We've Been Busy

Ok where do I start?  I guess I'll catch up a little bit with more random pictures.  You know, for living outside of Dallas, TX, we sure do get a lot of wild life.  I just wish they were the kind of wildlife that ate wolf spiders and tarantulas.  Fortunately I have NOT seen any of those lately.  But we do have some toads.  Chopper says they greet him every morning when he leaves for work.  Well, a few weeks back they were out when we came home late from something (I can't remember now what it was) and the girls got a good look at them.
 One of them took off under the bushes but this one was too frightened to go anywhere and ended up getting poked a little bit too.  Megan has named them Ribbit and Ribbit.

I found this picture from when Megan was so so sick.  I knew it was the flu because when she took a bath she complained about the toys touching her and then when I got her out she fell asleep on the bathroom floor.  I didn't have the heart to wake her up and move her so I left her there.  Fortunately, she's the only one who came down with it and is fine now.

Abby loves to get in the storage hole of this table and I've posted pictures before of her sitting in it but the other day she's screaming and when I walk in she's gotten her rear-end in and none of the rest of her so she's stuck pretty good.  She's glaring at me because I made her wait until I found my camera and took her picture before I would get her out.  I'm a mean mommy.    Hey, I sometimes need a good laugh to survive these two!!

Right now I'm immersed in getting our Blurb book replaced (it came to us with pages coming out and for the $$$$$ that I pay this is unacceptable!) and working out insurance for therapy for Megan.  We've had her evaluated by an occupational therapist who has found her lacking in several areas of her motor skills.  Not a surprise really -- after all, that's partly why we had the evaluation done -- but a little shocking when they tell you how many times a week they want to see her and how the $$$ works out because of that.  I'm also looking into behavioral therapy and trying to decide what needs to be addressed first.  Although first we need to have her evaluated in that area too.  She just needs help.  Heck, I need help!!!!

I however am feeling much better.  The headaches are almost gone and the nauseousness is too although I still don't love food.  All I really want is meat and Mexican food.  Weird huh?  So I've been making tacos and burritos all the time and we've had cheese steak sandwiches (so good) and I've been stopping at Arby's a little too often for MarketFresh roast beef sandwiches and I need to stop talking about all of this because it's just making me hungry.  It's just funny to me.  Megan I craved odd, strongly-flavored foods like Greek salad and Abby I had to have smoothies ALL THE TIME!!  This one is meat all the way.  Definitely a boy.

We continue to struggle with names.  Well, I struggle with names and Chopper has the one that he likes and hasn't thought about it since.  I can think of dozens of girl names that I just love but boy names?  I completely draw a blank.  So we may go with Chopper's suggestion which is actually fine with me, I just want to really love it, you know?  We've had some very interesting suggestions from his mom though who always gives us names from family history (and I'm thinking -- but we're using Lloyd and THAT's from family history) so we now have the possibility of Dewey, Ivey, Zadic, and Hobart.  And then she says "of course there's John and other things like that" which just makes me laugh.  But then Chopper and I have also been laughing over Lloyd Voldemort and Lloyd Vader (cause it sounds so much like LORD Voldemort, get it?) so it's actually been a lot of fun to try to name this baby.  More fun than it was with the girls in a way.

Oh and that was a little flutter kick.  Someone wants meat!!!!

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Alicia said...

Why is it so hard to figure out baby names? I love the Lloyd Voldemort joke. Still laughing...