Monday, January 23, 2012

It's a Sick Sick Year

We have had illness in this house literally since Christmas.  Literally.  Abby just barely got over what I think was the longest cold in recorded history and one that Megan had a shorter version of.  Chopper was sick briefly and then I've started into it this weekend.  Fortunately for me it hasn't been too bad.  Then yesterday we're sitting in church and Chopper nudges me that Megan is really hot.  She's flushed, she's cuddling (always a sign that she doesn't feel well) and we have 15 minutes of church left.  So rather than pack everything up and leave right then (we sit near the front and I hate how visible that would be -- is that wrong?) we go home right after sacrament meeting and lo and behold Megan is 103.8.  And our thermometer tends to run low.  She's complaining of cold, shaky, lethargic, and says I'm hurting her when I change her clothes.  Classic flu.  And I realize now that I think I've never had a child with the flu!  I hope January takes all this illness with it and we can get back to normal lives.

But on the good side of life, the baby is kicking.  It's pretty sporadic and still mostly just twinges of "was that the baby"?  But last night Chopper and I watched the Green Lantern (kind've a weird movie by the way) and I'm curled on the couch and this little guy just goes to town kicking me over and over.  And it was hard enough that Chopper came over and felt him!!!  This is one of my favorite things about pregnancy and makes a lot of the other icky stuff worth it.

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aidanjordan said...

I love feeling the baby kick. It is hard to explain to Jeremy how that is a feeling you miss.

Hope Megan (and everyone else) feels better soon!