Monday, January 9, 2012

Do You Want to Know????

So I opted for a first trimester screening that took place today.  It was NOT an amniocentesis -- those are too scary.  This was just an ultrasound where they measured the skin of the neck and then did some bloodwork on me (which had to happen anyway).  So the baby looks good -- most likely does not have Down Syndrome or Trisomony 18 (spelling?).  I don't know how likely it is, but with Abby we had some concerns about half-way through so I thought it would be nice to just get that out of the way.

Although I admit that I had other motivations!!

A friend of mine had this done and they were able to tell at 13 weeks what the baby was.  Hmmmm, I like that idea.  Well this little turkey of ours was upside-down, fast asleep.  The doctor did a lot of poking and prodding (I'm a little sore honestly!) and I did a lot of coughing to shake the uterus and finally, eventually, we got a slow roll that showed us . . . (drum roll please) . . . 


I did get the standard -- we're only 90% sure and we'll confirm at 17 weeks -- but to me that's pretty good.  Good enough that I bought some little boy onesies to tell Chopper and am spreading the news.

We're excited.  Very!  I always said I wanted -- ok needed -- to have at least one daughter and after that I didn't care.  With Abby, I was excited for the prospect of sisterhood.  And now with this one, I am genuinely excited to experience what a little boy will be like and look forward to all the things that kind've come with boys -- trains and trucks and scouting and missions.  It's going to be awesome.  Chopper's already talking camping and guns too.

And yes, we're discussing names and kind've already think what we're going to name this little guy.  I don't know if we'll tell yet or not honestly.  That's another thing I don't really worry about keeping secret but maybe I should at least wait until we see it again??

But it's fun to play with Lloyd a little bit -- there are some great combinations out there -- Lloyd Byron, Lloyd Voldemort, Lloyd of the Rings . . . we'll see what happens!

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