Friday, January 13, 2012

Pictures I found

I'm working on a quilt for Project Linus and took some pictures of the process so I can get a better perspective. When I downloaded them, I found a few that I had forgotten about!!

This was Megan's first day of dance.  It didn't go so well.  It turned out that she was assigned to a more advanced class for her age and she just did not get it.  She also resisted the teacher's instruction (no surprise there) and told me on the way home, "mommy, I'm not good at dance class."  I was a little worried.  The next week, we switched her to a more beginner's class and it went fantastically!  She has a hard time with the tap dance -- I think mainly because it's faster paced and requires movement of legs and arms at the same time (that would be the inheritance of my horrible hand-eye coordination -- sorry!!) but the ballet moves are good!  She followed along and tried and did was the teacher asked her to do.  When she came out she was so excited about how well she had done and the things she had done and very proudly told me "I had no grumpy faces, only happy ones!"  So I think we'll stick with it a little while longer and see how she does.

Ahh, Abby.  She likes to be in the bathtub.  Notice she's wearing her diaper here.  You see, I had already given her a bath and let Megan stay in longer while Abby ran around as a naked baby (with diaper of course).  When I went to check on Megan, she went with me and decided to get back in -- head first she leans in and just kind've belly flops into the tub -- without getting her head wet.  She was so glad to be in the tub again but Megan was not too happy about having her imaginary world interrupted so unceremoniously!  So out she came, with a very full diaper.

These actually I did just take today.  I "commissioned" my sister-in-law Denise Gasser who is a fabulous artist, to draw some birds for the girl's room.  I am so pleased with the results!!


I love them -- they're bold and graphic and don't have any green in them!  I love the green on the girls' walls but it is a little bright!  Now I just need to do Abby's quilt, and get birds and a tree on her wall opposite Megan's and we will be ready to move her in.  And then I can start working on a boy's room!!!  Yay!  I'm very excited about all of the decorating and creating in my future!

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