Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Megan!

Well, first I should probably post these pictures about what we've been up to lately: 
 It's amazing what a box can do.  I picked up a few at the post office for shipping some things and the girls have really enjoyed them.  Anyone want a couple of kids?  They'd ship cheap!

 Abby is developing quite the shoe obsession.  She loves to put on everyone's shoes and walk around and she's getting pretty good.  Problem is, none of us can ever find our shoes any more . . .

And like her sister, she loves books!

Megan turn FOUR today!  She was very excited because I gave in and invited 3 of her favorite friends and their moms to come over for play time, lunch, and cake.  She SPECIFICALLY requested a round strawberry cake with pink icing and sprinkles.  Well, we went with a white cake with red sprinkles baked in (but she chose it at the store in my defense) and I tried a Jell-O frosting (that was decent but not a keeper I think) and she got her sprinkles!  

Abby helped with sprinkles, at least for the picture.  After that she ate them and started sticking her finger into the cake and tasting.  Don't tell anyone that . . . 

It all went great -- playing was good, picnic lunch in the living room, and then the cake.  Megan was very excited about the candles (chose those too and counted out four) but when it came time to blow them out . . . 

she didn't want to get close enough to really blow them out.  Abby did.  So in the interest of keeping Megan from screaming bloody murder because I'm forcing her to try again, and keeping Abby from grabbing flaming candles, I blew them out!

See?  Pouty face on Megan (because she couldn't do it -- in her head she can't do it and doesn't want help) and one arm on Abby to keep her away.

But they ate it.  All in all actually, Megan ate 3 pieces.  And even though she also requested chocolate ice cream, she didn't finish it.  Abby on the other hand asked for MORE ice cream and abandoned her cake.

Megan got LOTS of presents that I made her wait until Chopper got home to open.  She LOVES her magic wand that lights up and makes a nice little noise (that Chopper already hates).  She has turned us all into something multiple times by now.  We also got her a complete summer wardrobe of skirts because that is ALL she wants to wear all the time.  I would just rather not fight about clothes right now!

This was waving the wand to turn someone into a frog.

She got dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train -- a cute PBS show she has fallen in love with since I've spent the last few weeks letting them watch a ton of TV because of illness among us (I'm better, the girls are better, the TV is suffering again).

A Dancing Game that she was very excited about and we'll try to play tomorrow when Abby is in bed and can't snatch and run away (which she does with everything -- she's very calculating and excellent at getting horrific screaming fits out of her sister that way).

This was such a fun birthday because Megan got SOOOO excited about everything.  Notice the look on her face AND SHE DOESN"T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE PRESENT IS!  It was hilarious.  She's making these faces and gasping with joy and then she says "what is it?"  We laughed a lot.

Grandma went way overboard and sent Tinker Bell slippers, 

A music box (which she loves -- I know the face isn't as good but she was completely mesmerized by the dancing fairy ballerina.

And some fabulous crayons for the bathtub.  They work really well!  I may have to revise that statement after I try to clean the tub though.

Abby really enjoyed the day (and did not hide under the counter the hole time -- look, there's my shoes!).  She has talked nonstop about cake mostly and now I don't know what we'll do in the dry spell between birthdays.  Fortunately, Abby is next.

All in all it was a really good day for all of us.  Birthdays are just so much fun and I'm glad that we're able to celebrate with the girls.

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Alicia said...

Sounds perfect. Small yet memorable. Love it!