Monday, March 28, 2011

Still a little baby

Abby's one-year check went well today but I left it feeling a little concerned.  17 lbs. 0.5 oz., 27 inches long.  Both of those put her in the less than 5% range but what concerns me is that she has had no change from her 9 month stats.  I am however really liking my doctor.  We're going back in a month for a weight check to make sure that she is growing but in the meantime she feels that Abby is small, but healthy, and gave me advice on things to feed her to really get those healthy fats into her system -- you know, cakes, cookies, etc.  Just kidding!  I really like Dr. Gondol.  She is honest and forthright and gives you all the benefit of her knowledge as a doctor but without the condescension that some (including my last one) have.  She is also fabulous with my girls and considering the fact that Megan is consistently anti-social and rude to strangers, that's a big deal.  How do you teach a 3-year old to be polite?

Anyway, so I guess I'm on the hunt for some good recipes to get Abby beefing up a little bit -- and getting her iron.  She's a little deficient there too.  Abby's a good eater too, I think I just need to change my focus a bit on what she eats.  I've actually be giving her this new baby/toddler food I found:
I've been buying it at Target.  It's organic so a little more than regular baby food but not horrendously so.  They have the best flavor combinations -- this one is green beans, pear, and peas.  There's also a mango and spinach and a banana, beet, and blueberry.  And they're good!  I've tried them and I like them better than anything else I've gotten her.  Abby sucks them down without hardly removing them from her mouth.  And I've gotten lazy.  I just give her the pouch rather than squeezing it into a bowl.  I'm trying to switch from baby foods to table foods altogether but in the meantime, I feel like she's getting awesome nutrition with this!

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