Friday, March 25, 2011


Isn't that a fantastic word?  Plus, it sounds better than just "lazy" which is kind've what I've been as far as doing stuff.  Well, picture worthy stuff anyway.  I've actually been spending most of my child-free time quilting a baby quilt for my best friend's not-so-new baby girl.  And looking at it last night, I still have about half the quilt to go so I don't think it will happen by the end of March.  Maybe I can get it to her before Easter!

I've also been working on another blog!  It's up and running but I haven't posted a lot on it so I'm waiting for the "unveiling".  Originally, I thought it would be fun to jump on the bandwagon and do a little crafting, recipes, etc.  But come to find out, while I love crafting and cooking -- I'm not that original!!  So there may occasionally be something of that nature on it, but mostly it will be educational.  One of the biggest things that I miss about teaching is creating the lessons and reading and talking about literature with people.  And I really feel that I'm now getting to that point with Megan, where we can do more on her level, but I still have ideas for all sorts of ages -- ok mostly middle and high school.  But I decided to put it out there because there are those who want to teach their children but may not be strong in English and then of course I have it down for myself when my kids get to be old enough for some of the ideas.

So I've decided that it's worthy of an unveiling -- the big day will be April 1st!

In the meantime, we continue to have beautiful, hotter than usual weather with nary a drop of water in sight!  Chopper said he heard yesterday on the news that we haven't had a drought this bad in Texas in 44 years.  I took the girls to the zoo to enjoy the sunshine.  The cheetahs were out, which we haven't seen before, and now that spring break is over, it was much less crowded and very enjoyable.
 I've decided that I can't complain about Megan's clothing choices anymore.  I do buy her the clothes!  She has to pick out her own outfit every day and while she will listen to me about long sleeves or short sleeves, etc., this girl has a thing for patterns and she will not be swayed from her choices!  We bought her flip flops at Target yesterday and she LOVES them!  Picked them out at the store herself too.  They are awfully cute and they don't have princesses on them!
 One thing I like about our zoo is that you can get so close to the animals.  Megan's two animal requests were giraffes and crocodiles -- NOT THE ALLIGATORS.  Good thing she doesn't know the difference.  She also wanted to go see the lizards AGAIN!  Yuck.  I guess it's ok behind glass but still.  Oh and the python yawned for us.  It made me a believer that they really can swallow whole rabbits, chipmunks, small children . . .
 This blooming dogwood (not the flamingos) made me miss Virginia.
Fun!  A butterfly chair!!

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