Friday, March 11, 2011

At least she's honest . . .

More and more Megan tells me exactly what I don't want to hear.  These aren't bad things mind you, just the truth.  The truth for a 3-year old.

Megan will always eat pancakes, waffles, or French toast for breakfast.  But I am not making that every day of the week.  Pretty much her only standby when those are not options is yogurt and granola -- excuse me, "granilla".  And even then I have to nag and cajole to get her to eat it.  I spend half my life getting that girl to eat.  Drives me nuts.  Anyway.  

Today, as usual, she's not eating.  "Megan."  I ask her, "are you going to eat more yogurt and granola?"  Not even a pause before she comes back with "uh, of course not."  

Hmmm, I guess it saves me some stress this morning right?

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