Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There's some Goodman in there

Anyone who knows my extended family knows that a family gathering of Goodmans is not complete without a big pot of beans, or some refried beans, or some Mexican food, and definitely the commentary that goes with all of that.  Living in Texas has been wonderful because not only are all of those available to us, there is so much to choose from!

Last night we went to a place we enjoy called On the Border because they were having endless enchiladas.  But it was a last minute trip and I forgot to take baby food with us for Abby.  Never fear!  The refried beans are here!
Yeah I know, her mouth is actually closed in this picture but look at the mess on her chin!  She loved them!  She ate all of mine, and a few tortilla chips too.  I think this means that certain food tastes are indeed genetic and the Goodman genes have survived yet again!
 Abby's best scrunch face -- she does this all the time if you do it to her first.  
 Oh!  That's a chip!

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