Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zoo at the zoo

Some women in my ward were taking their children to half-price day at the Fort Worth Zoo.  I got to tag along, which I was very excited to do, but forgot that it was spring break.  And there were approximately a gazillion people at the zoo.  Definitely learned my lesson on that one!

Despite the crowds, we had a good, but tiring time.  We didn't get to see everything and want to go back and explore on a less crazy day but these are some of the highlights:

Megan's request was to see the tigers and the alligators.  Didn't get the alligators, but they did have these gorgeous white tigers.

This orangutan put on a great show for us climbing up and down and playing with burlap bags.  It was almost as though he was playing to the crowd.

The rhinos were keeping cool . . . 

The lions were enjoying the sun . . . 

And the bald eagle was posing as a bald eagle should.

The girls were fantastic although Megan insisted on being wrapped in a blanket even though it was 85 degrees.  

Abby hung out -- ate lots of cheerios -- and really fought to get down and move.  Lazy days in the stroller are coming to an end!

The Fort Worth zoo had this neat Texas town that I wanted to see more of but look at all those people!  I'll wait a week or two for a nice day when everyone's back in school so that we can have the zoo a little more to ourselves I think.  

Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick's Day and Relief Society Birthday!

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