Monday, March 14, 2011

The worry-free life

I think living a worry-free life is only possible now if you're under the age of 5.  Low?  Well, if a child starts school with kindergarten at age 5 then there is testing and bullying and homework to worry about.  So Megan only has 2 more years.  We need to play more!

We've been working on our emergency preparedness and have really felt a greater sense of urgency with all that is happening in the Middle East and now Japan.  But at the same time, I want my children to have as normal of a childhood as they can.  But normal is relative to the situation isn't it?  I'm really grateful right now for all that we have been blessed with and all that we have.

Sorry if I sound down -- these faces always cheer me up though!
Abby makes this face constantly.  I only wonder how much longer it will be until kissing noises accompany it!  What's really funny is when she alternates between scrunch face and this.  She has so much personality.

Megan has discovered glowsticks.  Let me rephrase: Chopper has introduced her to glowsticks.  And she loves them.  And here she is the glowstick princess.  Of course.

And last but not least -- this little darling is moving and moving well.  She now coordinates her movements according to environment and takes off to go where she wants to when you're not watching.  In fact, I really should get to bed because I need to start getting up before the girls do to shower and get ready.  I can't just plop her on the floor and entertain her with toys anymore while I take my sweet time.  Oh well.  It was nice while it lasted!

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