Monday, March 28, 2011

1 Year Gone By

Here's the Happy Birthday girl!

 I can't believe it's been a year.  There are times when it feels like it's going so slowly -- I'm waiting for the next stage or phase to come.  And then, it's a year.
 Abby is such a character.  She enjoyed her birthday dinner of mashed potatoes and peas.  Oh, and the entire pouch of baby food she downed.  This girl eats like a teenage boy.
 Then it was time for cupcakes.  We just had Megan's birthday about 2 months ago, but apparently her memory is little short because she was pretty mesmerized by this thing. 

 And then she either realized it was cake, or . . . she wanted to play with the fire.  Don't worry, I didn't let her get it!
 She started small, swipe the frosting, try the frosting . . .
 And then it was all over.  Fingers in the mouth, let me get all I can get, over.
 I have some great video of her going through this cupcake so I limited the pictures (something about grandparents complaining about too many pictures . . . ) but let me just say it was fun to watch.  Side note -- Megan's first birthday was very different.  She does NOT like to be messy.  She ate the sprinkles off her cupcake one by one but not much else -- too messy.  This one?  Well mess is definitely not an issue.  In fact, it was easier to put her in the bathtub afterwards rather than just try to wipe her off.

 After the bath it was time for presents!  Abby really was interested in the banner though.  Not the presents, or the balloons, the 50 cent banner.  Couldn't quite get to it though.  And her hair in the back is getting curly.  SO not fair!

 Abby was pretty good at tearing the paper off.  She really enjoyed the paper.  The presents were just ok.  Which was actually pretty good because of course Megan wanted to play with the presents.  Megan did pretty well with letting her open them though so as a 3-year old, she gets a gold star for effort!

Making faces at me -- a great birthday she'll never remember!  That's ok -- I've decided that these memories are more for me and they are completely worth it!

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