Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Megan's easy life

Megan LOVES to be outside.  And Chopper does too.  So when Chopper is doing projects around the house, where's Megan?  Right there with him.  Which is fine with me.  But the other day, she was channeling a little bit of Grandpa Whittacre.  Chopper always tells me about the Saturdays of his childhood when he would wake up to the smell of bacon and his dad would be cooking up a nice big breakfast for the boys.  And then make them work all day.  In his later years, the breakfast disappeared, but not the working.  And he was known for sitting in a chair and giving orders while the boys did the dirty work.  He earned it right?
Well Megan hasn't earned it yet but I'm not sure I'm ready for her to actually mow the lawn.  But it made Chopper smile to see her sitting and watching him.  And he didn't hear it, but right before I took the picture, Megan called out "mow the lawn daddy!"
It's nice to have these memories of Grandpa Whittacre.  And nicer still to share them with the girls.

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