Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Need to Window Shop More

Today Chopper and I (and the girls of course) went to Galleria Dallas -- this enormous mall in Dallas that has stores that we really can't afford -- like Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. -- you know, just barely out of our price range (haha).  But it was fun to walk around and they do have your typical mall stores too so I didn't feel too out of place.  We did walk in to Tiffany & Co. and boy does that place sparkle!  Chopper started asking about diamonds and I think the saleswoman was quite surprised but Chopper loves gemology and knows what he's talking about -- even if he is wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops!

The best thing about it was the window shopping.  We've been talking about redecorating (someday) but I have no sense for how to put color together.  Hello Pottery Barn!  Color schemes all laid out that I could replicate someday (for a lot less money too).  Good thing I had my camera.

We also went into a store called Strasbourg Children that had the most adorable dresses.  I had actually seen one on a girl at the Arboretum last week and asked the mom where she got it.  Very classic but so cute. And I can't resist little girl dresses.  Unless the price tag dangling off of it is what they were at this store.  I was going to get a picture of it from their website but apparently they are all sold out because it's not on there anymore.  I'm not kidding.  Sooooo, is it wrong to try to replicate it for cheaper?  We'll see if I can do it . . .
 This is looking down from the top level of the mall on to the ice rink at the very bottom.  It is huge!

But the highlight that made me want to be 8 years old again was the American Girl Boutique & Bistro.  I have loved American Girl dolls for years and years but, again, not quite feasible for my wallet right now.  And Megan doesn't really like dolls so I guess I'm safe for now.  If you're not familiar with the collection, they have a series of historical dolls and accessories that represent different facets of American girls in both time-period and group of people.  They also have a customizable doll that you can design to look like your child.  The store was absolutely full of moms with their 8-10 year old girls who were carrying around their dolls.  The picture I took of the store miraculously has no one in it though!

 The customizable dolls have every accessory you can think of to make them just like your daughter -- these ones have musical instruments.  There are sports accessories, cooking, pets -- you name it.
 Megan kept wanting to go back to see the "little food".  She didn't really care about the dolls themselves.
 These are both historical dolls with their very historically accurate accessories.  This is insane but my 8-year old self is drooling!

The first floor of the store was all the dolls and accessories.  The second floor was a restaurant and hair and nail salon.  Wow.

Anyway, it was fun to drool and get ideas.  We might have to go "shopping" more!

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