Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dallas DOES Bloom!

I just uploaded 32 pictures.  Those are the ones that are my favorite of what I took.  Well, hands-down, the best time to be in Dallas is spring and fall.  The Dallas Arboretum is in their Dallas Blooms Festival full swing and it was gorgeous.  Of course, I think the only way to get tulips like this is to specifically plant them for the month in bed that has been prepared and is maintained by a large team of specially trained gardeners.  Since we don't have that luxury at our disposal, we are taking full advantage!

 This giraffe is not part of the garden actually.  Nor is the chicken.  This weekend there was also an art sale with I don't know how many artists and their booths.  One artist makes these really incredible metal animals -- most of whom bob their heads mechanically.  I loved how they positioned this one as if it were a real giraffe.  And the chicken (sorry rooster)?  That's just for Grandma.

 The Arboretum also does other displays -- this one is part of the Fairy Tale Castles series.  Seven fairy tale castles were built by local architects and construction agencies to showcase several tales.  Each castle was different but they all had artwork on the inside depicting parts of the fairy tale.  This castle is Beauty and the Beast.

 Aren't these tulips just gorgeous?  This castle is the Princess and the Pea . . . 

 And it's no wonder she was bruised!  Look at that pea!
 Happy baby, happy daddy.

 I might just have to go back during the week with the girls all dressed up for Easter and see if I can get some good pictures.  Abby liked getting up close and pulling at the flowers of course.

 Megan of course kissed I don't know how many flowers.  Other than that, she was actually in a pretty bad mood and very obstinately refused to do anything we asked her to so any smiling pictures are purely coincidence.  Oh, and even though I tried to dress her in something that matched (because I knew I would be taking pictures), she absolutely insisted on wearing the blue shirt with the butterfly skirt and the hat of course.  She knows her own mind for sure.
 I love this one because I managed to catch her kissing the flower without the picture just being of the back of her head!

 This is the throne in the castle for Murfara's Daughters.  I'll have to look it up because I'm not sure.  It's an African princess story that I have read but it's been a long time and I'm not as familiar with it as the others of course.

 Inside the Rapunzel castle they had an exit for the princess that was teeny tiny so of course Megan loved it.
 This is the whole castle -- my favorite one I think.  I love this tower on the left and how the architecture looks like Rapunzel's hair cascading down.  Isn't that a great word?  Cascading.
 The itty-bitty bench in the back garden at Rapunzel's castle and the outside where the Princess door comes out.

 The tulips were positively amazing -- I know they're just flowers but they were soooo pretty!

It was a really good day -- flowers, castles, picnic on a hill with a view of the lake, and spending time together as a family.

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