Friday, April 1, 2011

No fooling -- a new blog!

Happy April Fool's Day!  I'm excited to announce a new blog!  Why?  I mean, why a new blog?  Well, it's kind've a long story but if you really want to hear it . . . (if you don't, scroll down!)

The biggest thing I miss about teaching is the lesson planning (go figure) and the teaching and talking about English stuff.  History too, but mostly English.  I've also felt for some time that I need to do something a little more educational with Megan but I'm not quite ready to put her in preschool.  Sooooooo, I'm doing a little bit more with her at home, but even though I'm working with a 3-year old here, my mind can't stop working on it's normal high-school level for teaching.  And then I've been finding stuff that I love still for younger children but she's not quite ready and I want to remember it all.  So I'm going to blog about it.  I want to keep it separate from our family blog and it may or may not include other things as well.  We'll see.

Anyway, it's called Lightbulbs and Lemonade because every now and then I get great ideas (lightbulbs!) and every now and then I have to make something out of a disaster (lemonade).  I can't guarantee fabulousness but hopefully it will at least be fun.

In other news -- we finally got some rain over here.  Megan was very excited to use her polka-dot umbrella and after it dried it had to come into the house.  Good thing I don't believe in bad luck with open umbrellas indoors!  It sat on our couch for 2 days and made a great little nest for Megan.  Every time I would fold it up she would find it and come crying "I'm not done!" and up it went again.

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