Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Won I Won I Won!!!!

So one of the things about blogs that I really love is the fact that they all give away stuff.  Of course I never win.  Apparently I just don't have that lucky streak.  And it's really no surprise -- some of the blogs I follow get comments in the hundreds for their giveaways.

But my luck has changed!

I don't remember when I found this blog but Kellie of Don't Look Now is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G quilter!!!!  I am absolutely in love with her raw-edge applique quilts -- they are the sweetest things.  But applique completely freaks me out.  Completely.  

So she had a giveaway for a pillow pattern and I entered and I WON!!!  So so so so excited because it's nice to try something new but be able to do it for free.  
Isn't that adorable?  It's nice that I have girls to decorate and do cute things for but she also has some awesome little boy quilts.  You have to check her blog out!

When I get the pattern and make the pillow I'll let ya'll know how it went.  If it's a success, well, you know where I'll be spending more money . . . 

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