Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Traditions: Dying Eggs

I love dying Easter eggs.  Even when it's basic and cheap, there's just something magical about it!  
Oh wait, this is an Easter Egg hunt we went to . . . 
 But back to dying, we got all ready to go
 And started in on the colors!  We took our time and enjoyed the process.  Chopper did a lot of experimentation with colors and stuff and I drew lots of pictures on eggs.  Megan plopped them in and did stickers afterwards.
 And Abby tried to eat them.  Keep in mind this is after dinner.
 I swear this girl has a hollow leg . . . We did crack two out and eat them.  Megan ate it!  She has absolutely refused eggs any and every way for a very long time now.  But if she'll eat them after dying, maybe I need to stock up on egg dying kits when they go on sale after Easter!

 Megan is flying the little egg dipper thingy and she spent about 15 minutes after we were done talking to the stickers.  Actually, I don't know if technically she is talking to the stickers or if the stickers are talking to each other.  Regardless, the conversations usually include a lot of what happened in our home that day.  So today the stickers were saying "I'm sorry" and also talking about the kids she played with this morning.
 Abby's other favorite pastime is destroying my purse.  Today she found a sucker and went to town on it, wrapper and all.  I swear I feed this kid.

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