Friday, April 8, 2011


I have fatigue problems.  I know every mother does -- they're called children.  But mine have gone beyond that lately and I just haven't been too motivated to do much.  Except Wednesday -- that was a good day.  Cleaned house, sewed curtains for Abby's room (not sure that I like them so no pictures yet), played, read, cleaned more (I love a clean house), and just generally felt productive.

So one day in seven is good right?  Because every other has been draining.  And today especially.  Megan is spending more and more time in her room for talking back, hitting, kicking, and general Abby torture and Abby has gone very quickly from sweet, even-keel baby to cranky, complaining cling-on (not the Star Trek kind).  And I want more than two?!?!?!  I still think so . . .

You know what is really a blessing?  That regardless of the day I've had, Abby wants to cuddle before bed and Megan wants weird kisses (long story) and tells me she loves me.  Every night.  Rain or shine.  Terrific day or terrible day.  And I love that.  But I am still exhausted!

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Alicia said...

I hear ya. My kids are currently playing well together with legos but if they hear me typing I may as well ask for a war. Hang in there!