Thursday, April 14, 2011

I forgot all about these

I downloaded some pictures today of my pantry and lo and behold found some that had been missed!  Whoops!  So these pictures have been the highlights of our past two weeks:
 Yup.  That's a lemon.  I was craving lemon bars (and they turned out really good) and Megan helped me bake.  She also ate the lemon.  Sucked out the pulp and started chewing on the outside.  And then when the lemon bars were done?  She tried it, I'll give her credit for that, but didn't like them.  And I wonder why I can't figure out what to feed her . . . 
 Megan has learned that if she wants her toys and books to be just hers, they have to go up high.  Unfortunately, now that Abby is pulling up to standing on everything, Megan no longer has "up high" places that Abby can't reach!
 It's really windy in Texas.  No tornadoes in our area yet but we might not even need one!  Oh and Abby still hasn't learned that if she holds this thing a certain way, it whaps her in the face.  There's been a lot of crying around here lately.
 It's getting long and it's got a little curl!!!!
 Chopper built me some additional shelves in my pantry.  We have a nice-sized pantry but now it's food storage ready!  And with no basement and the garage baking at 110 degrees in the summer, this is about my only option!
Finally, we got some eggs from an egg farm for Easter.  They're pullet eggs -- the first egg that a baby chicken lays, and at Easter the farm sells them 30 for $1.00.  Not only can you not beat that price, but because they're extra small, eating 30 eggs won't be as bad as eating 30 eggs!  Megan of course LOVES LOVES LOVES THEM!!  They will all be thoroughly kissed by the time they actually get dyed.  That's the pullet egg on the right and a regular size one on the left.  They really are cute!

And that's it!  We have some fun things coming up this next week leading to Easter so we'll get back on track with the exciting posts that you just can't wait to see!!  Happy Thursday! 

Oooooh, Harry Potter tomorrow!!!!!!!!!  Now that really is the highlight of my week!!

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