Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I can't come up with a good title today because this is a random collection of stuff.

The first picture here is titled:  "When Babies Attack"  This is exactly what William does to my shoulder ALL the time.  I've stopped wearing anything nice because I just get smeared in spit and snot all day.  He likes to gnaw on fabric.  Kind've wish he would gnaw on other things too . . .

For some inexplicable reason, I felt compelled to make a quilt for Megan's preschool.  They do a fundraiser in the spring and even though we pay them good money (really good money), I decided to donate.  Problem was that I didn't have a quilt to donate.  But I did have some cute pink and white star blocks and a pattern for these awesome dragonfly blocks.

I really really like this quilt but let me tell you it was frustrating to figure out on a deadline.  And I've been very single-minded in getting it done in time.  AND I have dragonfly blocks left over which is ironic given that one of the reasons I made it was to use up blocks left over from other projects . . . I hope it makes a lot of money!!!

Ok I'm going to try a video straight from my computer instead of uploading to YouTube first.  You have to watch carefully in the beginning -- William is "feeding" himself an apple -- licking it really.  The funny thing is that every time he gets a taste he does the turn away and grimace that he does when we feed him.  Except he's feeding himself . . . our appointment with the feeding therapist is on the 10th.  Maybe they have answers!!  Oh and you get to hear my parenting in action apparently.

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