Saturday, April 27, 2013

Life is Full of Almosts

The girls wanted to go on the fitness trail yesterday and we found a small cluster of wildflowers in the drainage ditch.  It would make for some cute pictures if there weren't drainage "stuff" in the background.

Abby has been developing rashes on her feet and legs when she goes outside to play without socks or shoes.  And I'm notorious for letting them out that way because they run in and out of the house so much right now.  We know it's not poison oak or ivy and it's not the grass . . . we must have some kind of noxious weed in our yard.

After "exercising" we went to the park to play and I got some good pictures of William's "almost" crawling.  Very almost.

Hands and knees -- but with one foot still in front.

Sitting up on his knees.

 He can now get into a sitting position from his stomach.  Takes him a while but he can do it.  And he's doing more rocking on his hands and knees.  And he's cranky.  So it should be soon!

I finally got a picture of those top teeth.  There's one on the bottom as well but these are more visible and very cute.  So far, he has not been a biter (thank goodness!).

And the proof!!!  Yesterday at the park I gave him a graham cracker to play with and HE PUT IT IN HIS MOUTH!!!!  He would put the end in and lick it and then make a face, try it again, etc. and then when it got smooshy enough to break off in small chunks he started gagging and threw up.  He wasn't actually choking -- it was just sitting on his tongue.  But I'm happy because this is a small miracle!  We have an appointment to see a feeding therapist on the 10th of May and I'm really really hoping that he'll just decide he's interested in food before then and go for it!

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