Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Always Fun When Grandma Comes

I didn't realize quite how much we've done while my mom has been here but I haven't posted the details!!  So I guess it will be a long post full of the wonderfulness (???) of having Grandma with us!!

I always feel so blessed that my parents are able to come so frequently to see us.  The girls just love Grandma and William is getting there too (because he's in mommy only phase right now of course).  I thought this time we got some great pictures of Grandma with each of the kids -- I particularly LOVE this one:

We actually did some different things than what we normally do when my mom comes -- well, they're similar to the same old but in different locations . . . 

Fort Worth has a Botanical Gardens that is FREE!!!  Part of it is a beautiful Japanese garden (you pay for that part) but we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We just love being outside so much in beautiful areas -- we'll be headed back here for sure! 
Jumping on the paving stones. 

The wisteria was out and there were a number of artists set up along this walk with their easels out painting.  Megan has decided she wants to be an artist when she grows up and I honestly can see her doing it.  She is focused and precise and loves all things artistic.  One of the painters offered to let Megan try her oils, but Megan's shyness for strangers prevented her from taking up the offer.

Where most of the botanical gardens are somewhat wild, the Japanese garden was very ordered and precise but no less beautiful.  Maybe more -- it was so lush and green!  I don't remember what these sand gardens are called where you rake the designs -- it was no hands on though so the girls were disappointed.  They love to play in sand and rocks!

That was Friday.  Saturday the girls woke up to Easter baskets and we dyed our eggs in the morning.  Then in the afternoon we did an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  Soapbox -- there were several egg hunts in the area but all they do is drop the eggs on a field and the kids pick them up.  It's over in 30 seconds flat!!  No fun.  So we did our backyard.  Next year we're going to one with friends at the park where we can hide them in the trees and stuff.  That will be a lot of fun!  

I forgot that Abby got Hungry Hungry Hippos for her birthday.  Everyone LOVE it!  We play a lot and William tries to grab the game and screams a lot when we do.  

 Egg hunt -- and enjoying the results.  Next year I'm also going to do more fun things like small jewelry  nail polish, etc. and not just candy.

Easter Sunday -- all dressed up and happy for church!

This is totally random -- we have a book that the girls love where the author (photographer?) has made faces out of fruits and vegetables.  Megan yesterday found a strawberry with a nose so we put the googly eyes on it to complete the look. 

Today we went to the new Perot Museum in Dallas -- it's a combination science / natural history / and children's museum.  Not my favorite and it was NOT enhanced by the 5,000 school children on field trips milling around but we saw some neat things and I think that the girls had an ok time. 

Biggest geode that I've ever seen -- bigger than Megan!  It was secured into a device with a wheel and the girls could turn the wheel and open the geode.  Very cool.

Downtown Dallas from the 3rd floor of the museum.

Those motion screen things . . .

The outside of the museum from fairly close up
 And far away -- it's cool looking.
 And tomorrow Grandma goes home.  So that's back to our normal routine I guess -- although it's already April and I can't believe how fast this year is flying.  This month we have several things scheduled already including kindergarten registration!!!!!  Things are happening fast!

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