Thursday, April 18, 2013


If you follow me on Facebook you know that I've been a little down in the appearance department lately.  I don't know why -- chalk it up to post baby issues, lack of decent clothes, no desire to pull myself together for a day of spit up, snot, and food disasters.  You know, normal stuff.

Then a friend posted a video on Facebook made by Dove that's amazing and really changed my outlook.

So I decided that's totally me -- looking down on myself at things that I shouldn't be.  And another thought occurred to me -- if I constantly am negative about my appearance, what are my girls learning?  I think both my girls are beautiful and I don't want to add to the pressure that they will already get from society and media about their appearances.  So my goal is to be more positive about myself and my appearance.

But I have made more of an effort to spruce myself up a little bit and not wear big t-shirts and yoga pants ALL the time.  A little makeup, some earrings (although not dangly ones since William's started pulling), and a decent shirt go a long way to feeling like you look nice.

And then we've all had a little change this week too!
Chopper got glasses!
We've always had hope that his perfect eyesight would be the one the kids inherit (and not my blind as a bat stuff) but he's had some trouble lately so he was checked out and has slightly decreased eyesight and astigmatism.  The day he came home with his glasses he was so funny about it though -- "I can see little details!  Do you know how fluffy our carpet is???"  I'm not kidding -- apparently it was worse than we thought.  So he's wearing them quite a bit, not just for reading and driving.  He has no interest in contacts at this point which is fine -- I think they're quite handsome and distinguished looking!

More shots of William courtesy of Megan the photographer. 

Yesterday I decided I had had enough of Abby's fuzzy head.  Her hair is such a mix of curl and straight that it easily gets out of control and collects food, snot, spit . . . it's gross.  And she won't let me pull it back.  I probably need to insist more.  But I decided to cut it instead.  And I hate paying $20 to cut their hair so I did it myself.  The wind is blowing so you can't tell but it's not bad.  Decent enough to get by I think and I may try some online tutorials for better results.  It's just cheaper and they don't care and if it's too awful I can pay to have it fixed and say they did it!!

Then Megan wanted hers cut too.  Her's was less forgiving because it's all straight and it's a little longer in the back than the front sides but I think (I think) it looks fine.  I have to admit though that when her teacher brought her out after preschool today and said she liked her hair part of me wondered if she was serious or not.  Maybe because I'm paranoid. 

And finally, in an effort to be in the picture more, I got out the tripod and we took some pictures with the timer yesterday in the sun.
 This is before haircuts obviously and it was really bright but the girls loved racing the camera and seeing how the picture looked.

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