Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Budding Photographer

Megan asked me how to take pictures on the camera and I showed her.  When I downloaded the pictures off the camera today there were 315!!!!  What I should do is put them all in a montage with 1 second shots and you can get an idea of a few things: her favorite subjects (me, William, the floor, her knees, my cookbooks), the state of my house (never clean), and the effects of freedom on an untrained mind (i.e. 315 pictures, she must not have anything else to do around here!).

But instead, these are my favorites:
Abby is "holding" William.  Aw, how sweet.

So tired of pictures.  Mommy and now Megan!

This is a really good shot actually of William reaching.  He gets all the way up on his knees and then goes back to sitting.  Sometimes he goes onto his stomach but not always.  Still waiting for him to figure out crawling though.

If I'm supervising bath time, yes, I'm reading.  I had to ban Megan from taking other bathroom pictures though.  We had several in the bathtub and on the toilet.

Abby was being a good little model.


Uncle Jeff (the favorite) said...

Wow!!! Those are really good!!

Denise Gasser said...

Yeah, she actually captured some really nice moments. I love the one of you reading during bath time. That's the kind of thing you would never think to take a picture of, but down the road it will definitely bring back memories. Go Megan!