Tuesday, April 2, 2013

General Conference Bags -- Spring 2013

I know I haven't even blogged about Easter yet but I wanted to put this list up in case anyone wants it.  I think that these ideas have helped others, just as ideas often help me!!

So I upped the number of bags this year to 18!!  In addition to the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve, I now have a bag for each of the presidencies of the women's auxiliaries: Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary.  Usually someone from these auxiliaries speaks at conference but you never know which one!!  Eighteen bags is a lot to fill with activities, so I have taken an idea from some other blogs on General Conference and several bags will have listening words in them -- what that means is that there's a word and the kids have to listen for that word in that talk.  When they hear it, they get a treat.  So we're adding to our teaching on the importance of listening to conference.

So for Spring 2013, the final collection of bags looks like this:
President Monson's bag -- Bingo cards (with treats)
Women's auxiliaries -- listening words -- this time I think I'll go basic with Jesus Christ, love, and scriptures (or variations of that i.e. Book of Mormon, Bible, etc.)
The remaining 14 bags are random and include:
4 bags of snacks (goldfish, trailmix, cheese and crackers, smoothie popsicles)
Felt dolls (I"ll post those later)
Mosaic Tiles
Popcorn tree
Foam stickers
Coffee Filter flowers (perhaps ironic a little since we don't drink coffee)
Temple Matching
Grow capsules
Coloring pages

And that should do it!  Hopefully that will keep children somewhat quietly engaged!

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