Thursday, March 28, 2013

"I'm 14 Years Old!"

Abby has been really excited about finally having her birthday.  It's hard for a girl to see other birthdays come and go and wait patiently for your own!  But every time we ask her how old she's going to be, she responds with a number in the teens!  I think I would like her to just be 3 for a year at least!

The girls really enjoy decorating their own cupcakes and since I can't beat the fatigue lately, I let them!  Of course that meant that not only did they sprinkle the cupcakes,

they got to eat the leftover sprinkles as well!  Somehow there were a lot of leftover sprinkles . . . 

Happy 3rd birthday!!  There's cute video of her blowing out the candles at the end of the post.

 The whole family -- Megan's mad because she asked for the cupcake with the yellow butterfly and I told her it wasn't her birthday so Abby got first pick.

After cupcakes we opened presents!  A coworker of Chopper's sent her a Harley Davidson shirt and puppy dog.

Grandma got her a Wall-E stuffed animal, a puzzle, and a robotic crab (video at the end too).

Chopper and I finally settled on a game and a Minnie Mouse vacuum.  Too bad it doesn't actually vacuum!!  But it makes a great noise and lights up so it's a 2 for 1 gift.  The girls love to run around with it and William loves to watch it!  He LOVES vacuum cleaners! 

The Harley shirt -- a little big but very cute.

It's been a lot of fun to have my mom here to celebrate with us and I'll post more later about what we've done while she's been here -- so far not too much really.  But the kids are really enjoying having her here.  Heck, I'm enjoying having her here!  I've taken 2 naps in 2 days!!!

Abby will have her 3 year old visit in the next few weeks but I thought I should also include a few things about her. 
She is incredibly active!  She also really really likes touch -- which basically translates to wanting to be held and crawling all over you if you're sedentary for more than 2 minutes.
She loves Megan and William  and pushes Megan's buttons very well but is also super sweet and shares her toys easily and plays well with others.
Abby still puts everything in her mouth and creates lots of disasters wherever she goes.  She loves to eat and eat and her favorite thing is to drag a chair over to the counter and help herself to apples.
She potty-trained in 1 day.  Not kidding.  We had tried very randomly before where she had accidents but when I seriously put her in underwear and got out the little potty she did fantastic.  She's had maybe 2 accidents is all.  She's already starting to try out the regular toilet (with potty seat) and tried it once without but fell in.  It was awesome!  She started screaming and I kind've ignored her because she and Megan scream a lot.  The second time she screamed I went to see what was wrong and she was taco-ed up with her bum in the toilet.  I was a better mother than I wanted to be and resisted the urge to run and get the camera before helping her out.
She runs everywhere.  I really don't think it's possible for her to walk.  She also has 2 volumes.  Normal, and very very loud.  That tends to be an issue at church.
She is brave (well fearless really), loyal, and long-winded.  She says the longest prayers at meals!  But they have a definite beginning and end and if you interrupt to direct her, she gets really mad.
She loves Wall-E, Cars, and My Little Pony.
She sings A LOT of holds the hymnbook in church and "sings" along.
She is so ready for Sunbeams and preschool but still has a while to wait!
What else?  Still tiny.  I'll be interested to see what her official measurements are.

And the videos:

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