Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy or Lazy?

My mom sent me an email saying that she knows I'm busy when my blog isn't update.  Unfortunately, this time it's only partly true.  I am busy -- but I'm also really really lazy right now.  William is getting up 2 to 3 times a night right now because he's a hungry turkey and refuses to eat solids. My quiet times during the day should be filled with accomplishing the tasks that I need to and instead have been filled with tv, books, and sleeping.  So I'll have to post over the next few days in short bursts and get it all in!

So the first update is the Dallas quilt show that I went to 2 Saturdays ago.  It was a good show although I think going to Houston has ruined me.  I only took about 20 photos!!  And they were mostly the unusual ones.  But I went with friends (and William) and had a great time.

This was the winning quilt.  AMAZING workmanship -- terrible color I thought.  Sorry.

A quilted BLT!

Loved this one -- the dinosaur parts come off of the quilt panels.

Chopper was teasing me the other day that if I didn't take the spare room and make it into a quilting room, he would take it and make it into a fishing room.  They had this horrible quilt that would have to be the centerpiece for that I think.

Except that I confiscated the room for quilting after all.  Of course. 

This is miniature -- they always get me.

Amazing quilting.  I've decided I want a wholecloth quilt on my bed now.  Problem is that I'm just now finishing up my last hand quilted project and it's been several years in the making.  A king size whole cloth quilt?  Maybe when I retire.

I hear William calling my name so that's phase one done I guess.  He's probably hungry of course.

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