Saturday, March 9, 2013

Catch up

 I am actually behind on posting believe it or not.  I've been so tired and have projects that I'm working on or I just lay around at night so I guess that accounts for it.  But today I went to a quilt show and wanted to post just a few pictures (seriously, just a few!) and though these needed to come first.

It's been a colder spring than usual I think.  Lots of gray, 50 degree days.  We did take advantage of some 70 degree weather on Monday and head out to the Arboretum  with some new friends and the flowers were beautiful but the trees are still pretty bare.

Megan had a fantastic week at preschool!  Her teachers gave me glowing reports both on Tuesday and Thursday.  Now we spring break this coming week so we'll see how she is when it's time to go back.  There seems to be a period of adjustment after each break.

Abby has potty-trained gloriously!  She has had one accident.  One!!  And that was at the Arboretum but I was expecting it because their bathrooms are few and far between.  She was already wet from playing in the frog pool so it wasn't a big deal to change her.  Other than that, she has been dry for naps and at night and goes when she needs to during the day.  She even cleans up after herself.  It truly is a miracle if you ask me.

William still won't eat.  At all.  He'll be 8 months next week and I have yet to get anything other than milk down his throat.  I don't want to force it and I guess that he'll start eating eventually but nursing every 2-3 hours is getting old.  Especially since he's getting up multiple times a night too.  He needs food!!!

Chopper and I are the same!  Ho-hum.

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