Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Relief Society Birthday!

Thursday night was our annual Relief Society birthday dinner.  My secretary had a fun idea to do a Mad Hatter Tea party.  I wasn't completely on board in the beginning (I worry about things getting out of control), but in the end it was beautifully done and a lot of fun.  I did promise the ladies that I would not post their pictures on Facebook and I don't know if they read the blog or not but just in case, I won't post them here either.  And actually, the only real reason I'm posting the pictures is so that in the future I can reference them for another activity in another ward!  

The entrance to the cultural hall was meant to look like you were going down the rabbit hole so the brown fabric frames the doorway.  It was really cute.

The handouts I made -- yes the poem is cheesy.  I will never be a professional poet -- too rhyme y.

Table settings

A sister in our ward had done hats for a tea party in another ward -- glue a paper bowl onto a paper plate and decorate!  Everyone got into it, even people who brought and wore a hat from home.  It turned out sooooo cute!  It would be fun for a little girl's birthday tea party too.

The whole shebang.  The pink on the tables is wrapping paper!  Cheap and disposable!  I work with such talented sisters.

Beautiful cake done by a sister in our ward -- this was her 3rd attempt but it was gorgeous AND delicious.

Now I want a silver tea set just to decorate with.  I am too much of a whimsical girl at heart. 
There were eat me signs in the cupcakes and tea sandwiches and drink me signs in the cups for punch.

Dinner was tea sandwiches -- cucumber, chicken salad, egg salad, and cheese spread -- salads, cupcakes.  Very dainty and very good.

We decided we needed a white rabbit and since William goes with me everywhere I go, he got the vote!  My friend Trulee put together an awesome hat for him that I'm sure he'll never forgive me for . . .  

I should probably take a better picture of my hat so you can see the possibilities.  Although I did take the parts home and use tulle as well as flowers.  Hey I like fancy hats!!!
Now tomorrow I get to speak in church about Relief Society and then my mom is coming to visit, Abby's birthday is on Thursday, and then Easter!  It's been a busy month!

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