Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Interesting . . .

I have extreme children.  I think there's just no way around it.  I love them, they are wonderful, but they have their quirks!!

Last Thursday, Abby had her 3 year well child check and today William had his 9 month.  I waited to post these statistics because I wanted to compare the two of them but left William's stats at the doctor!  I can get close though.

Abby at 3 years old weighs 26.2 pounds and is 35 inches tall.  That puts her in the 7% and 8% respectively.  
William weighs 19 lbs. 14 oz. and I can't remember his height but he did grow an inch and a half.

What's most interesting about William is that his percentiles were about 25-ish for both height and weight.  He's grown, but not as much as he probably should.  Our doctor says is may partially be genetic (are we going to have small children?) but it also may be partially due to the fact that he DOES NOT EAT!!  She is going to refer me to a feeding therapist.  Yep.  They have a therapist for that.  She's concerned that there's something going on physically since it doesn't seem to be a pickiness issue and also concerns non food items as well including sippy cups (haven't tried him on a bottle).

I would just really like to start weaning him!

Abby went to a superhero birthday party on Saturday -- it was the cutest thing ever!!!  So I'm going to post details so that I remember them for the future.  The kids had to run an obstacle course and save a baby (doll) to earn their capes.  Then they practiced flying (courtesy of the dad), hitting bad guys (with balls) and then the villain (also the dad) came and stole a present and they had to put on their masks and get it back, shooting him with silly string.
They LOVED IT!  Every child took home their cape and mask (which was very nice and now I need to make one for Megan) and Abby has loved playing in it.  She even came up with a superhero name which is surprising because she's only ever Abby or a puppy.  But it didn't last long and now I can't remember what the name was!  Shoot!

 I made her let me braid her hair for the party.  There was pizza and cake and icecream and I knew it would be in her hair if I didn't.  Abby is still quite the disaster and her hair just is crazy.  She never lets me put it up and then wipes her face or puts her hands in her hair and gets it tangled with food.  I think it needs to be cut again.  If she had a superhero power it would be the ability to destroy with a mess.  I was looking at past pictures and realized the best length for her (to keep it fairly clean) seems to be about chin length.  Maybe we'll go together -- I need a cut too.

I should've taken a better picture of William today.  He was wearing his "Daddy's co-pilot" shirt and camo pants and there's a picture of a chopper on the shirt.  It's my current favorite outfit but his body instinctively knows he's wearing white and he destroys it by diaper every time he wears it.  That would be his superhero power.  The power of poo.  Especially since the power of spit up has seemed to resolve itself.

These are just cute videos but nothing exciting.  William loves to have sheets and blankets pulled over his head.  He also LOVES Chopper's head and hair.  He plays in it and gets really excited.  He also loves to "drum".  He plays a musical drum we have, gets really excited about smacking my legs and loves to smack his hands and splash in the water.  He's not crawling yet but is SOOOOOO close.  And I am not kidding when I say that in the middle of the video where he's in the exersaucer he says "mama".  NOT KIDDING!  Of course, I'll be an honest mom and say that he doesn't really know he's calling my name but whenever he's cranky, whining, or wants something, he says mamamama.  The girls did not.  

He's my parasite.

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Alicia said...

Our babies speak the same language. Loved it when he said mama clear as anything!He is adorable!